Decision Maker App


Open Decision Maker  v.1.0.1

Decision making made easy. The Open Decision Makes enables you to find the best alternative for a defined goal with the AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) method.The Open Decision Maker (ODM) is designed to support a user in a decision making process.

Greeting Card Maker App  v.

Greeting Card Maker Software is easily downloaded from www.


Random Decision Maker  v.1.1

Do you build lists of ideas and then when it comes to pick an idea you fail because there's so much choice?

Decision Maker  v.2.0

If only life were really this simple. Now you will know how your boss makes all the really important decisions.

Decision Making Wheel  v.

The Decision Making Wheel is the best way to make decisions when you don't want to, or when it is hard to choose from similar options.

Sequential Image Maker  v.1.0

Sequential Image Maker is an Adobe AIR application, can edit and archive images with ease. The consecutively generated results obtained with the Sequential Image Maker app can be saved in a zip archive. It is designed in order to help you generate

MBAStrategyManager  v.1.0

When used properly, this software allows you to dig deep. It is a critical tool. You should ensure that you quickly get used to using it daily if you are, or want to be, a senior decision-maker and thought-leader.

Coin Flipper  v.

Decision time has arrived and you need to flip a coin. The only problem is you’re not carrying any change. What’s a progressive decision maker like you to do in this situation? Pull out your phone and use our Coin Flipper application of course.

Klaudia  v.

A random number generator, a simple decision maker. Sometimes you just need an unbiased answer for the question in your head. Klaudia,

Moquu  v.

Get Moquu, the ultimate photo-sequence and animated GIF-maker app! Moquu is a catchy and clear-cut photography app you can animate, edit and share your photos easily with. With Moquu you can ★ shoot & edit photo sequences frame by frame ★

Free Android app maker  v.1.0

Introducing the new app maker for Android(tm). It's an easy and free way to make your own android applications online in minutes. To get started, simply choose from a wide collection of applications like games,

IPhone app maker  v.1.0

Provides a quick, cost-effective solution for casual developers who are interested in creating their own iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad compatible applications.

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